Recipe: Energy Mango Shake

Fresubin Energy Drink is a ready-to-drink nutritional supplement, specifically crafted for the dietary management of patients with or at risk of disease-related malnutrition.
It's an excellent choice for those with increased energy needs and/or fluid restrictions, and a fantastic ingredient for easy and refreshing recipes.
Let's get started with a quick and delightful idea!
What you’ll need…
- 200 ml  Fresubin Energy DRINK Vanilla
- 50 g      mango purée or concentrated mango
- 1 tsp     lemon juice
- 5 g       sugar
30 ml    cream (30 % fat)
What to do...
- Whip the Fresubin Energy Drink Vanilla with the sugar and the cream.
- Add the lemon juice and mango purée or concentrated mango and stir carefully.
Nutritional information per serving
- Energy 445 kcal
- Protein 12.3 g
- Fat 21.0 g
- Carbohydrate 50.0 g
- Fibre 0.9 g