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Setting up your NDIS Consumables account

Atlas McNeil Healthcare Community is nationally registered with NDIS and a lead supplier of healthcare products Australia-wide. For eligible NDIS participants we’ve got you covered with a wide range of consumables, so you can claim from your NDIS plan anytime, anywhere.

NDIS Participant Account - easy payment and billing with Atlas McNeil Community

I have an NDIS plan, how do I set up an NDIS Participant Account with Atlas McNeil Community?

Setting up an account is straight forward; we use one simple NDIS Service Agreement form to collate all the required information.

This form allows us to ascertain how your plan is managed, either agency managed, plan managed or self-managed.

  1. The NDIA are managing my funds – (Agency Managed)
  2. My consumables budget is managed by a Plan Manager (Plan Managed)
  3. I am managing my own funds (Self-Managed)

Ready to sign up? Yes… Please download the PDF and complete the NDIS Participant Service Agreement form, Once completed please email it to sales@atlasmcneil.com.au


When your account has been setup and you are ready to order,
Agency / Plan Managed accounts can place their orders via our customer service team in an email to sales@atlasmcneil.com.au

Self-Managed accounts can place their orders via the online store, make payment then claim their money back from the NDIA.

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