Incontinence Associated Dermatitis

Incontinence Associated Dermatitis occurs when prolonged exposure to urine and feces causes chemical and physical irritation - affecting the skin's barrier function and increasing the risk of infection. Treatment involves gentle cleansing, followed by moisturisation and barrier application to restore and protect the skin.

if IAD is present, ABENA's Zinc Oxide Spray has antiseptic properties that helps regenerate and calm irritated skin, while ABENA's Skincare Ointment repairs and improves skin texture. The implementation of a skin care regimen with these products will provide effective barrier protection against IAD and baby rash. Using high-quality, breathable incontinence products and bed protection sheets is also important for overall continence care.

How do you treat incontinence associated dermatitis?

After thorough cleansing, the use of a quality moisturiser can help to restore and protect the skin. Moisture and barrier application is especially vital as a part of an IAD skin care regimen and you should always ensure to:

  • Ensure skin is completely clean and dry
  • Use the correct product according to skin condition
  • Apply the right amount. Remember, too much product can prevent the skin from breathing or be absorbed into the continence aid causing the product to become less effective.

ABENA Zinc Oxide Spray

Zinc Oxide Spray protects and regenerates the skin to promote natural skin restoration for up to 24 hours. The spray applicator ensures that any friction is minimised and helps prevent any cross-contamination. With antiseptic properties that will help calm irritated skin, ABENA's Zinc Oxide Spray is an excellent product to aid a healthy skin condition.

ABENA Skincare Ointment

Ideal for very dry and/or irritated skin, this specifically designed formula helps maintain a natural moisture level and provides barrier protection. Helps to prevent IAD (Incontinence Associated Dermatitis) from occurring and baby rash. ABENA's Skincare Ointment promotes healthy skin for those people at risk of developing IAD.

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