Bladder Care: A Guide to M-Devices Catheter Varieties

The original article was provided by M-Devices.

The treatment of urinary disorders stands as a crucial aspect affecting various segments of our community. Often, this journey can be intrusive and daunting for patients. As caregivers and clinicians, we understand the importance of reliability and performance in our solutions. M-Devices provide comprehensive range of Urology & Continence Products, crafted to simplify caregiving and ensure comfort and confidence for those under your care. 

Catheters: Versatile Solutions for Varied Needs
These catheters are meticulously designed to support both acute and chronic care requirements. Available in pediatric, female, and male sizes, each colour-coded product is engineered to streamline product selection and enhance patient comfort, facilitating intuitive and confident insertions.

  • 2-Way Foley Catheters: Crafted from 100% medical-grade translucent silicone, our Foley catheters feature a symmetrical balloon design for reliable positioning and minimal ridging.
  • 2-Way Foley Catheters (Open-Ended): Engineered for high flow rates, this catheter design is ideal for patients prone to catheter blockages.
  • 2-Way Foley Catheters (Tiemann Tip): Offering all the features of traditional Foley catheters, this version is tailored to support demanding insertions.
  • 3-Way Foley Catheters: With a symmetrical balloon design, these catheters ensure reliable positioning and minimize potential ridging in the bladder.

Nelaton Catheters: Smooth and Efficient Intermittent Catheterization
Nelaton Catheters are crafted for intermittent bladder catheterization. Made from medical-grade thermo-sensitive plastic, these catheters boast a perfectly finished distal end for smooth insertions. Available in various configurations:

  • Nelaton Catheters (Hydrophilic Coated): Featuring a smooth water-soluble polymer coating, these catheters offer effortless insertions without the need for additional lubricants.
  • Nelaton Catheters (Hydrophilic with Water Sachet): An all-in-one solution for convenience, these catheters come with a water sachet, eliminating the need for separate lubricants.
  • Nelaton Catheters (Hydrophilic with Water Sachet - Coude Tip): With an angled tip for easier navigation, these catheters are designed to support difficult insertions.

Intermittent Closed Catheterization System: Simplifying Catheterization
Closed Catheterization System is sterile and pre-lubricated with a hydrophilic gel, ensuring hassle-free catheterization with reduced risk of urinary tract infections.

Drainage Bags: Secure and Unobtrusive

Drainage bags are designed to minimize the risk of spills while providing confidence and security for patients. Available in various configurations to suit lifestyle needs, our bags feature a double and triple chamber integrated meter for simplified urine flow monitoring.

  • Leg Bags (Lever Tap): Discreet and comfortable, our leg bags offer secure storage under clothing, with a lever tap design for users with reduced dexterity.
  • Leg Bags (T-Tap): Featuring a T-tap and non-return valve, these leg bags ensure a sterile fluid pathway, accompanied by adjustable straps for enhanced comfort.

Accessories: Enhancing Securement and Performance

These range of accessories is designed to simplify securement and optimize the performance of bags and catheters.

  • Universal Securement Device: Offering optimal securement for indwelling catheters, this device ensures patient comfort with adhesive strip fasteners and soft material tabs.

With meticulously crafted Urology & Continence Products, let's elevate continence care together. Find M-Devices Urology & Continence Range HERE.