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Fresubin 1200 Complete

Fresubin 1200 Complete

Code: FRE7383231__CT
8 Bags per Carton
Nutritionally complete in one bag. Only one connection per day for optimized patient care!
For patients with or at risk of malnutrition, in particular with increased protein and moderate or low energy needs.
  • Available in 1000 ml EasyBag.
  • Energy: 1.2 kcal/mL - 1200 kcal per bag
  • High protein: 60g per bag
  • High-quality protein to promote maintenance of metabolically active muscle and to support increasing lean body mass1
  • With fibre to maintain gut physiology2
  • With fish oil
  • With 20 µg Vitamin D per RDD according to latest nutritional recommendations for persons without endogeneous synthesis like immobile patients3-5
1) McGregor RA, Poppitt SD. Milk protein for improved metabolic health: a review of the evidence. Nutr Metab (Lond) 2013;10(1):46.
2) Lochs H, Allison SP, Meier R,  et al. Introductory to the ESPEN Guidelines on Enteral Nutrition: terminology, definitions and general topics. Clin Nutr. 2006;25:180-186.
3) Dawson-Hughes B, Mithal A, Bonjour JP, et al. IOF position statement: vitamin D recommendations for older adults. Osteoporos Int. 2010;21(7):1151-1154.
4) Nordic Nutrition Recommendations: Integrating nutrition and physical activity.5th edition. 2012
5) D-A-C-H: Referenzwerte Für Die Nahrstoffzufuhr; 2018.
ALLERGENS: This product contains milk, wheat, soy and fish oil

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