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Premier VOMIT BAG 1500ML

Code: AIM0069__EA
Premier VOMIT BAG 1500ML
Product can be purchased as EACH
50 Units per Box 
10 Boxes per Carton (500 units)

Premier vomit bag 1500mL is ideal for use in healthcare facilities. The Premier vomit bag is graduated to track body fluid loss and is designed with a convenient slot to hold the twisted bag in place after product use enabling, lower contamination risk.
  • High density clinical waste bag
  • Manufactured to the highest standards
  • Suitable for hospital and medical facilities
  • Ideal for health facilities that requires clinical waste collection
  • Ideal for health facilities that requires clinical waste collection

The RRP: $2.99
Our Price: $0.55
You Save: $2.44

Abena Shampoo Cap Sale

Code: AIM0317__EA

The Abena Shampoo Cap is an easy and efficient solution to hair hygiene. Simply place the cap over the hair and massage into the scalp. The cap contains both shampoo and conditioner, leaving the hair, clean and refreshed. No water or rinsing required.

The RRP: $9.99
Our Price: $7.13
You Save: $2.86

CCP Oral Swabs Sod/Bicarb

Code: COFX76075__BX
with Sodium Bicarbonate. SINGLE USE ONLY. Confident Care Products

ORAL SWAB IMPREGNATED WITH SODIUM BICARBONATE is a disposable oral cleaning swab with a soft foam head with perpendicular ridges to lift debris and mucus and also clean between teeth similar to a toothbrush. 

Treated Oral swabs are impregnated with a specially compounded paste made in Australia that includes Xylitol and Bicarbonate of Soda. Xylitol has been found to prevent tooth decay and helps prevent dental cavities by starving the bacteria and re-mineralising tooth enamel while helping to increase the flow of saliva in the mouth.

Personal Hygiene Kit Out of Stock

Sold as Individual Kits or 20 Kits per Carton 

The Bunzl Personal Hygiene Kit is the ideal solution for all your personal sanitiser needs.
  • Multi-purpose wipes (75% alc)
  • 5 X Protective Face Masks
  • Hand Sanitiser Gel
  • Sanitising Wipes
  • Hand and Surface Sanitiser
  • Hand Cream
To assist you to secure a hygienic space.

The RRP: $34.95
Our Price: $27.44
You Save: $7.51


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