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Abena Abri-Flex Plus

Abri-Flex is Abena’s full range of modern pull-ups that can be worn like normal underwear available in 5 sizes and 4 absorption levels to cover a wide range of needs.

Unlike other equivalent incontinence products, Abri-Flex has more elastic threads, which provides a firm and comfortable body fit and stays in place for active use. Abena’s Abri-Flex range offer a discreet pull-up pant with Abena quality features of softness, Top-Dry System, breathability and leakage security.
Abri-Flex X-Small Plus

Code: ABE1000003163__CT
24 per packet - 4 packets per carton.
Waist size: 45-70cm
Absorb: 1400ml

Abri-Flex Small Plus

Code: ABE41071__CT
14 per packet - 6 packets per carton.
Waist Size: 60-90cm
Absorb: 1400ml

Abri-Flex Medium Plus

Code: ABE41083__CT
14 per packet - 6 packets per carton.
Waist Size: 80-110cm
Absorb: 1400ml 

Abri-Flex Large Plus

Code: ABE41086__CT
14 per packet - 6 packets per carton.
Waist size: 100-140cm
Absorb: 1400ml 

Abri-Flex X-Large Plus

Code: ABE41089__CT

14 per packet - 6 packets per carton
Waist Size: 130 - 170cm
Absorb: 1400ml 

Abri-Flex Bariatric 2XL

Code: ABE300517__CT
12 per packet - 4 packets per carton

Waist Size: 153cm - 203cm
Absorb: 1250ml

Abena is continuously striving for product improvement. We are proud to launch the next upgrade of Abri-Flex Bariatric to deliver superior performance, reliability and comfort to our users.
NEW features include:
• Standing leakage barriers
• Breathable backsheet foil to improve breathability
• Wetness indicator
• Product markings: name printed on the product with ink, green threads indicating the backside of the product
IMPROVED features:
• Improved fibre quality in the core with closed core construction on both sides of the insert for leakage protection.
• Longer sublayer (spreading all the way to the top of the core)
• Significantly softer chassis, with better ”tension-test” results
• Hip size from 153cm to 203cm
Other changes:
• Due to the new construction, product dimensions and weights are changing marginally 
• Packaging design change (from green to blue)

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